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Using energies to See Beyond and make the positive work for you.
Let me guide you to the possibilities and make things work for you using positive energies such as Gratitude and Appreciation. Let me help you revive your full potential as a person in order to live harmoniously with everyone.

See Beyond the OrdinaryStargazer Philippines

LIVE, LOVE and do your BEST. Rejoice if you succeed and accept when you fail. But always remember that ACCEPTANCE is not a sign of defeat. It is an acknowledgment of the facts -- what went wrong or simply that could not be. Then muster the courage to stand up, move on.... and never think of what others will say... After all, in the end, it is not between you or the others ... It is between you and GOD, anyway.

Predictions 2012 – Backtrack and Highlights

Predictions 2012

Pinoy Vibes Dec. 11, 2011/Dec. 25,2011
Magandang Morning with Julius Babao on Jan. 1
Other guestings to be posted

We are now entering the phase of trials/tests… Humankind will be challenged as to their resiliency, perseverance, patience and ego. Science already has determined certain earth changes to heighten during this period. If you are in the lowlands, go higher. If you are in a landslide prone area, go somewhere safe.. Just be careful and you will be okay…

Buckle up, and we have no choice but take the ride. We must learn the right lessons and be strong with our FAITH…Never forget that THERE IS GOD…and that He has so many graces at hand for the deserving. Live well, treat each other well.. learn to appreciate the simple things in life, and live how a real human should live – with compassion in your hearts. A new dawn is about to break and we will see the Golden Age…

Small businesses will boom…proliferate…food, health services,health products for longevity…

Medical Tourism up

Big investors will also come in.. in the field of ener gy, water and housing
PAL dispute must be resolved FAIRLY and not side solely on the investor
A Bank will close down… several financial institutions/lending/small banks will close down
Suicide of a business executive

PNOY must review the performance of his cabinet.. a revamp may be helpful
GMA’s think tanks and so with the other parties will stage a peace and order situation while trying to get the sympathy of people..Several sectors against the government will also take advantage of the situation. Pnoy must be steadast and strong but at the same time must be careful of what he says so as not to stir anything violent.
Corona must also control himself for the sake of the nation and not instigate anything..
Remember KARMA is instant!

Big big water coming (this was aired Dec. 11, 2011) — SENDONG CAME
Bridges will fall (this was aired Dec. 11, 2011) — SENDONG CAME
Rising of sea level inundating several seashores
More sicknesses – kids mostly
Sudden dying of goats and cows
Two volcanoes acting up… Mt. Bulusan as of Dec. 24
Earthquakes 2nd and 3rd quarters

Rowing team will make it big
Martial Arts players will earn medals
Pacquiao must choose and focus only on one…which is which
Azkals must train more…
Another soccer team will make it internationally

Accident of two young stars
Dolphy must be careful already
Director will make it internationally .. Hollywood or international film scene
Piolo must be strong and learn to face or resolve issues
Jason Francisco must temper himself.. temptation coming
Kim Chiu… a new relationship in the offing
More singers will win high awards…
Young male singer will again be discovered internationally

Filipino invention will be recognized internationally

Discovery of a new cure for certain cancers
Discovery of a very important relic that will shock some
Big China earthquake
Kazakstan , Argentina, Myanmar, Vietnam & Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Tunisia will be in the news headline
Uprising.. South America
Haiti or Hawaii … tsunami/earthquake
A foreign leader will pass away …. North Korean leader passed away (this was aired Dec. 11… the Leader passed away Dec. 17)
United States will have a big catastrophe
India will be under water — a lot of sicknesses
Something will be spotted in the skies Was that Santa up there? No, Soyuz rocket debris
AFP Relax – Mon, Dec 26, 2011 11:22 PM PHT

France will experience economic hardship
Maldives – water
Japan – more earthquakes and volcano acting up
A great monument will fall.
War….. possible Middle East
Vast Forest Fire
Big ice causing tsunami
Buildings toppling down

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