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Predictions 2015


As aired on

Pinoy Vibes Dec. 28, 2014 1 to 3 am

Magandang Morning with Julius and Nina 6 am

ANC- with Stanley Palisada 12 noon

Kris TV (Dec. 28 taped)


Looking back at my 2014 predictions, I called for discernment on intentions of people and sincerity issues especially those in government service. A lot has happened in 2014 and more events in the political scene are to be expected in 2015.

Again, I call on more VIGILANCE and sharpness on identifying real issues that will surface in 2015. More people will pretend that they are in true service of the Filipino yet their own political interests and greed for power are the true foundation of their want to serve. But, sad to say, Filipinos are easy to forget what was exposed or revealed once election nears and the power of money takes over.

We winced at the magnitude of corruption but majority of the masses would still be blinded by false hopes. The working middle class must make a stand to effect change and expose the wrongdoings. We always have a choice – to patronize traditional politicians or follow discipline and the latter is most unpopular.

The masses must be wiser in their choices but then when money talks, gone are their principles. I still call for collective prayer and focus only on the positive.



I see more mistakes being committed by people in the government by trusting the “boleros” and underground hoodlums. I must warn a top government official to be wary of his “choice” as to who will protect  the people’s safety because the person himself might be deep in mud, too. This will not be different from his predecessor who is riddled with controversy and is experiencing hell time at present. But again I wonder real hard why it is his choice.


Downfall of three well known political personalities.

Those politicians and important figures in government, who are in a controversy right now, will be judged accordingly and more issues will surface.

In the same manner that the innocent will be vindicated or cases dismissed.

Old senator to pass away.

Chaos in local governments as more politicians get to be exposed and charged with graft etc.

Drug Lords will be vindictive

Kidnap for ransom more rampant.

A Justice or judge will be controversial for an unpopular decision.

ECONOMY will be brisk and good enough.

The coming of the Pope will bring good business to people



Earthquake – Visayas Mindanao area.

Still water/typhoons



Careful with health – one influential sister

Motorcycle racer to figure in a major accident.



Robin Padilla must be careful with health or accident

Daniel Padilla in another controversy

Kathyrn Bernardo – health

Kris- health issues

Mahal – health



Bombing of an international airport or terminal

Extremists making more demands and war atrocities.

Plane Mishap

Train mishap (Europe)

Collapse of a building

Changing of colors (sun)

Something to do with Mesopotamia—unearthing of relics

Germany in the headlines for a big disaster or accident

Violence- Gaza, Pakistan and Lebanon

Norway – water incident

Predictions 2014

PREDICTIONS 2014… written Dec. 20, 2013

30 December 2013 at 00:13










PREDICTIONS 2014… part one



As aired on Buzz ng Bayan   Dec. 29 (taped dec 21)

UKG (taped dec 23)

TV PATROL (dec 31)

PINOY VIBES aired dec 29,2013




Last year I warned about calamities and unrest. They all came true. Now I will speak of having more willpower to do what is right and wisdom to know what is wrong. Preparedness is very important and the willingness to learn from all the lessons 2014 will bring. Some may brush aside what I see but I hate to be right when the time comes.


If resiliency was the theme of last year, it is of utmost importance to have more discernment and patience this year. Hotter heads, fiery words, violent actions will never solve problems. It should be addressed with a strong will for change and sincerity in actions. “Pakitang gilas” will be the desperate course of action of some government officials or appointees – but are they really sincere?


I appealed to the President before not to take sides but rather be fair in everything and with everyone. Now I am appealing for the same and faster response to matters that need attention. Discontentment may lead to an uprise and this is detrimental to everyone. Government must be self-critical and take measures to fix the issues as to avoid reaching that critical mass of self-destruction.


Discern… discern and discern for the many whys and reasons of everything. Is this for self-interest or for the common good? Many want a government position and may even go to the extent of staging something just to get that power.





Four government officials/appointees to be replaced because of coming in too strong – having that bully image.  This notoriety may lead to a call for their resignation. Civil unrest or discontentment.


People discontentment will arise because of a female official’s pakitang gilas. She must learn the words SENSITIVITY and not arrogance.


Health of a high profile – high ranking official to deteriorate suddenly


More crimes because of the violent energies. Police will fall short of their capabilities to protect and serve. The police officials must clean its own ranks to save face.


Another controversy will come up while on the Napoles case development.


Unrest towards the second quarter— this is very critical because people may take to the streets.


I see an ambush of a convoy


Attempt on the life of a leader


Heated arguments of lawmakers


On the lighter side, good efforts on the side of government will surface to solve some problems beleaguering the country. On this note, the President will earn respect because of this.



An educator will be hailed internationally


Filipino inventor will reap an award


Local product will be hailed abroad


A city mayor will be killed


A former senator’s health will deteriorate and …


Sports/martial arts with awards and honors


Skating team to bag medals


Boxers will reign


Debating team will win




A famous director will win awards again


Young actor to make it big


Old actress to pass away


Announcement of marriage by a female host


Young actor (contemporary of Jericho) will announce tying of the knot


Famous young actress will make a very important announcement –


Famous actor will be very controversial (being suplado)


Actor will be known for his many flings





A volcano eruption


Underwater land movement


Shaking of the earth – northern Philippines


Heat unbearable – northern Philippines




Light streaking in the sky


Malaysia – rare disease


A different kind of sound will be heard coming from the earth


Very big earthquake


A new plant specie will be discovered


A prehistoric animal alive at present will be discovered


Earthquake offshore Indonesia


Space accident




Comedian will pass away


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